Selected Press


Cliché Magazine: “Jarry Lee: The Journalist/Model/Actress Who’s Doing It All” (February/March 2019)

Reality Titbit: “Meet Jarry from Netflix series Dating Around - from Buzzfeed editor to a modelling career” (February 2019)

Screen Rant: “Ranked: All The Dates On Netflix's Dating Around” (February 2019)

BuzzFeed: “Here's Who Is Still Together From The Netflix Show "Dating Around"” (February 2019)

E! News: Dating Around: Meet the 6 Singles at the Center of Netflix's New Reality Show” (February 2019)

New Statesman: “Netflix’s Dating Around is a genuinely revolutionary take on the dating show” (February 2019)

BuzzFeed: “Who Would You Choose If You Were On "Dating Around"?” (February 2019)

Model Mayhem: “Model of the Month: Jarry Lee” (January 2019)

THE FEVER Official Website: “Jarry Lee joins the cast as the main character of Amber Choe” (January 2019)

POPSUGAR: "How a New Work Wardrobe Can Make a Big Career Transition Feel Seamless" (2018)

AM New York Newspaper: "Fashion's #MeToo Movement: Modeling Real Change" (2018)

NYU Publishing: "The Buzz Behind BuzzFeed Books" (2018)

NY Daily News: "New York Focus: February 4 - February 10, 2018"

The Sydney Morning Herald: "World of Photos February 10, 2018"

Reuters: "#MeToo at New York Fashion Week" (2018)

NY Daily News: "The Miss New York USA Pageant" (2018)

Electric Literature: "The Asian American Women Writers Who Are Going to Change the World"  (2017)

Literary Hub: "A Night at the National Book Awards" (2017)

Literary Hub: "Celebrating Literary Contributions Beneath Countless Chandeliers" (2017)

Reader's Digest Magazine: "Pop Songs for Philosophy Buffs" (February 2015) 

Literary Hub: "All the Young Literary Darlings Under 35" (2015)

The Washington Post: "Sarah Jessica Parker’s headdress and Beyonce’s near-nudity: What you missed from the 2015 Met Gala" (2015)

The Huffington Post: "The 20 Funniest Tweets From Women This Week" (2015)

Magazine Publications

Elegant Magazine
June 2019
Vol. 59, Issue 2, pg. 13
“Imminent Odyssey” by Jamie Wiley & Richard Monsiers

FADDY Italy Magazine
May 2019
Vol. 2, Issue 9, pgs. 28-33
“Galactic Glow” by Ricardo Quinones

Cliché Magazine
February/March 2019
pgs. 70-71
“Jarry Lee: The Journalist/Model/Actress Who's Doing It All” by Erin Tatum

FADDY Italy Magazine
December 2018
Vol. 2, Issue 4, pgs. 54-65
“Urban Jungle” by Carolyn Crafty

Picton Magazine
December 2018
Issue 22, pgs. 64-69
“Life of the Party” by Ricardo Quinones

Magnolia Rouge Magazine
December 2018
“Bridal Inspiration Under Brooklyn Bridge” by Stephen Atohi

Autumn 2018: The Feminist Issue
“Faux” by Aaron Klusmann

Gilded Magazine
November 2018
Vol. 2, Issue 41, pgs. 16-21
“Bloom” by John Asma

Fuzz Magazine
November 2018
“Where Once We Fought” by Zeno Gill

SALYSÉ Magazine
September 2018
Vol. 4, Issue 92, pgs. 28-39
“Ace Vixen” by Terrance Hamilton

7Hues Magazine
September 2018: Mode
Vol. 4, Issue 33, pgs. 23-29
“Fall for Denim” by Paul Tortora

Estelle Magazine
Summer 2018
pgs. 16-21
“Minimal Exposure” by Adrina Fanore

BeAnalogic Magazine
June 2018
“Brighten the Corners” by Zeno Gill

June 2018
“Inked” by Zeno Gill

AM New York
February 12, 2018
“Fashion’s #MeToo Movement: Modeling Real Change” by Meghan Giannotta and Nicole Brown

AM New York Cover.png

Speaking Engagements

NYU Stern School of Business: 7th Annual USWIB Conference, "Own Your Future" (2018)

NYU Stern School of Business: 5th Annual Diversity in Business Forum, "Breaking Barriers: Community and Leadership" (2017)

Asian American Writers' Workshop: "All That Glitters Is Gold with Diksha Basu, Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, & Jarry Lee" (2017)

Asian American Writers' Workshop: PubCon 2016